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4U Loyalty Program
Each client purchasing Canadian Unitron hearing aids (Unitron) immediately receives a number of discounts on goods and services in our Kiev centers "Your hearing is our concern". Discounts and special conditions are indicated in the warranty cards for hearing aids!

Special offers for 4U loyalty program:

Customization discounts
Бесплатно 2 поднастройки слухового аппарата и еще 3 поднастройки с особыми скидками
Hearing Aid Discounts
1 free vacuum cleaning and 2 at a 10% discount. 5% discount on mechanical cleaning of hearing aids
Discounts on hearing aid repair
5% discount on 3 hearing aid repairs
5% discount on the replacement of 3 main components of the hearing aid
5% discount on replacing a microphone, phone or hearing aid housing
For more information about the conditions for providing discounts on the 4U loyalty program, please contact representatives of the Kiev centers "YOUR HEARING OUR TURBOT".