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Our advantages

Every day, we are working hard to make our customers' lives better and happier.
Test hearing aids for a preliminary assessment of the result from the operation of the device

Technology Upgrade
The ability to increase the functional level without buying a new device
Partners throughout Ukraine
Developed network of official representatives throughout Ukraine
International warranty
We are the official distributor of Unitron, which allows our customers to be serviced in any representative office around the world.
Replacement for repair time
When repairing your device with us for more than 5 days, we will provide you with a different hearing aid for free
We cooperate with funds
This will facilitate the process of obtaining hearing aids with full or partial compensation of their cost through a social insurance fund and charitable organizations.
Convenient from mobile
There are hearing aids and devices that can be directly connected to a TV or mobile phone
Quality and price
The optimal combination of price and quality of Unitron hearing aids, which allows you to choose a hearing aid that is appropriate for hearing loss and lifestyle
Own service center
A service center authorized by the manufacturer provides maintenance and repair of Unitron hearing aids