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которые облегчат взаимодействие с окружающими

There are techniques that can help you and your loved ones communicate more effectively, whether or not you wear hearing aids.
Strategies of effective communication

Strategies that help you to communicate more effectively
Tell people around you that your hearing has been impaired and explain which way of communication is preferable to you (for example, speak slower, look straight to your face).
Try to minimize background noise - while talking, turn down the volume of the radio and TV, and avoid noise from the outside (such as from a fan or water from a tap).
Come closer to the interlocutor to see him all the time.
In large groups, try to sit in the middle. At large meetings (church services, lectures), sit in the front row. Use auxiliary hearing aid systems and accessories whenever possible.
How can relatives and friends help
Reduce background noise
  • It is necessary to eliminate background noise (turn off the TV or radio, switch off the dishwasher, fan, etc.).
  • Come closer to the interlocutor. In large groups.
  • Try to arrange everything so that people speak one at a time.
Make it easy to read on the lips
  • Do not cover your mouth, chew gum or food while talking.
  • Come closer to the interlocutor. When talking to a hearing impaired person, look him in the face.
  • The places where the conversations take place should be well lit for the interlocutor to see your facial expressions.
  • Avoid talking in a car that is hard to hear between the front and rear seats and where it is difficult to read on the lips.
  • Before you start talking, get the other person's attention..
Speak naturally

  • Speak with ordinary volume as you would with any other conversation. Avoid overly loud speech.
  • Try not to talk too fast. Speak the words clearly. Give the interlocutor time to fully understand what the issue is about.
  • Do not just repeat your words, but rephrase them as some phrases are easier to read on the lips than others.
First try, then buy
Thanks to our devices FLEX:TRIAL, you can try hearing aids before you buy.
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