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Hearing diagnostics

диагностика слуха
Hearing tests are performed using a set of special tests and measurements. Depending on the results of the hearing test, our experts objectively assess the degree of hearing loss. In Kiev hearing centers "YOUR HEARING OUR CARE" on modern equipment are carried out:
- Subjective audiometry is a comprehensive examination of the state of hearing, including acumetry,
examination of the auditory analyzer by determining subjective thresholds for audibility of air- and bone-conduction sounds and thresholds of auditory discomfort, speech audiometry, tuning fork tests.
- Audiometry (tonal audiometry) is a subjective hearing test.
- Impedanceometry - an objective hearing test, diagnosis of the middle ear (so far only carried out in the main office).
- Comprehensive examination - the ability to undergo both audiometry and impedancemetry.

Hearing center (main office)
18 Melnikova st., Childrens hospital №8 (
tel.: (044) 383-11-64, (094) 927-81-64
Skype: vashsluh
Opening hours: Mn. – Fr. 9:00 a.m. – 18:00 p. m.
Hearing healthcare office
st. Otto Schmidt 35/37, office 103
tel .: (044) 486 13 30, (044) 35 35 888, (098) 482 34 02
Schedule: Mon - Fri 9:00 - 18:00