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Production of individual earmolds

Изготовление индивидуальных ушных вкладышей
Earmolds are an integral part of modern BTE hearing aids. They are made individually of the impression of the ear from solid (acrylic) and soft (silicone) hypoallergenic material. The production of individual earmoulds will help to fix better the hearing aid, transfer sound from the hearing aid to the eardrum and provide optimal sound, prevent the effect of "feedback" and eliminate whistling. Individual inserts can be manufactured not only on standard and powerful hearing aids, but also on receivers (remote telephones) or a slim tube of miniature BTEs. In addition, our masters can make individual ear buds.

For service and repair you can send us a parcel by Nova Poshta
It should be sent to Kiev to branch No. 337 (parcels weighing up to 30 kg).
Recipient: "Your hearing is our care" (per representative) Phone: 096 236 15 93
ATTENTION! In Kiev, the branch of the New Mail No. 24 - was closed!