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"At Unitron, we are working hard to make hearing accessible to anyone with hearing loss." Jan Metzdorf, President of Unitron from 2011 to 2016.
Unitron Hearing Ltd is one of the largest companies presenting modern digital hearing aids in the world market with innovative technologies and functions that allow you to hear better. Unitron is part of Sonova Holding AG. Headquarters in Kitchener (Ontario, Canada). Since its founding in 1964, Unitron has established itself as one of the fastest growing and most successful manufacturers of hearing aids in the world. Each new line of hearing aids from Unitron is an impeccable quality, advanced technological developments and more than 50 years of experience in the field of hearing aids.
Основана в 1964 году
Unitron - это международная компания, которая уже больше 50 лет работает на мировом рынке и сотрудничает с ведущими научными институтами и специалистами, которые занимаются исследованиями в области слуха.
Входит в группу компаний Sonova
Unitron является частью группы компаний Sonova с более чем сотрудниками 14000 сотрудниками, доходом в 356 млн франков и научно-исследовательских, конструкторских и проектных работ на 137 млн франков
Канадское качество
Unitron является канадским производителем слуховых аппаратов с контролем качества согласно разработаных стандартов.
Мировая штаб-квартира в канадском регионе Ватерлоо
Мировые разработки технологий слуховых аппаратов основанные на передовых исследованиях в области слуха осуществляются в регионе Ватерлоо (Канада), известном своими ведущими научными институтами.
100+ сотрудников в центре разработки в Китченере
Более 100 специалистов по аудиологии и инженеров-механиков по электроакустики, алгоритму и программному обеспечению работают над созданием совершенных слуховых аппаратов в центре разработки в Китченере (Онтарио, Канада).
Unitron - международная компания с пердставительствами по всему миру
21 локация компании Unitron по всему миру.
В более чем 70 странах есть представительства компании Unitron по слухопротезированию.
Стандартизированное производство слуховых аппаратов с постоянным контролем качества основано в Сучжоу (Китай).
Our main principle is caring for the society in which we live and work.
Behind the style, the behind-the-ear and in-the-ear type of body are distinguished. Standart BTE fully attached behind the ear, and inRIC models sound emitter (receiver) is carried out in the ear.

In-the-ear hearing aids can be presented in three variations: ITC (in-the-canal), СIC (completely-in-the-canal), IIC (invisible-in-the-canal).

In addition to this, devices can have a feedback system, different types of directivity of microphones, binaural synchronization, and other functions that increase operating comfort and speech intelligibility.
unitron Украина
We provide digital hearing aids that are configured through a computer. This is the most modern type of device that can process and distinguish speech from ambient noise.

Unitron Hearing Aid Benefits:

There is an official representative in Ukraine, and not only in Kiev, which allows providing good service and maintenance of devices
There are devices that can be directly connected to a TV or mobile phone
Continuing professional development and staff training
Standardized production with quality control, but at the same time a pleasant price in comparison with the corresponding line of hearing aids of competing companies
Special test hearing aids for a preliminary assessment of the result from the operation of the device
The ability to increase the functional level without buying a new device
Log It All function for capturing real life data

Awards of Unitron Company

The sophisticated design of intelligent excellence brings Unitron brand hearing aids to the world! 7 times UNITRON hearing aids have been awarded international level for design and advanced developments. This allowed us to establish a new quality standard in the development of hearing solutions by Unitron.
RedDot Product Award Design 2020
On April 14, 2020, Unitron received the Red Dot Award for the invention and manufacture of the aesthetically and technologically advanced Moxi Jump R. Hearing Aids. Moxi Jump R hearing aids are best-in-class in sound transmission thanks to a sound processing system and automatic adaptation launched in 2019. using artificial intelligence technology to automatically recognize, classify and adjust sounds depending on your listening environment. Moxi Jump R hearing aids combine aesthetics, comfort and intuitive functionality in one device.
RedDot Product Award Design 2015, 2016, 2017
For 3 years, another 4 Series of Unitron hearing aids have been awarded the RedDot Design Award. In 2015, the Red Dot Award: Product Design 2015 awarded Moxi ™ Fit hearing aids. In 2016, the Red Dot Award: Product Design 2016 awarded the Stride ™ P hearing aids. In 2017, the Red Dot Award: Product Design 2017 awarded two series of Unitron hearing aids: Stride ™ M behind-the-ear hearing aids and the smallest Moxi ™ Now hearing aids.
RedDot Product Award Design 2014
In the same 2014, the Moxi ™ Kiss hearing aids were awarded the prestigious Red Dot Award: Product Design 2014 design award by the Earth Design Center European Institute for outstanding design among 4815 applications from 1816 companies representing 53 countries. The highly intelligent design and luxury look of Moxi Kiss expressed Unitron's design goals for a product that owners would appreciate as stylish, discreet, comfortable.
iF Product Design Award 2014
В 2014 году слуховые аппараты Moxi™ Kiss получили международную награду «iF product design award 2014» и были признаны лучшей разработкой международного уровня из более чем 3200 участников. Вышедшие на рынок в марте 2013 года, слуховые аппараты Moxi Kiss являются первым шагом в эволюции дизайна слуховых аппаратов марки Unitron.
Let us fill your life with sound - in our centers, experts will help you choose the device that will meet bestly your needs, at an affordable cost. And even if you are not sure about the choice, we have a unique offer of test hearing aids, which is possible thanks to devices Flex:Trial.