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Production of hearing aids in the ear

изготовление внутриушных слуховых аппаратов
Hearing aids In-the-ear are different in that the case is made for them by an individual cast of hypoallergenic acrylic. Due to this, they are perfectly and reliably placed in the ear, and are almost invisible from prying eyes. Individual manufacturing of internal hearing aids is done at the main office. Every year our masters pass specialized courses on training and advanced training with the support of Unitron, which allows them to produce high-quality products.
For service and repair you can send us a parcel by Nova Poshta
It should be sent to Kiev to branch No. 337 (parcels weighing up to 30 kg).
Recipient: "Your hearing is our care" (per representative) Phone: 096 236 15 93
ATTENTION! In Kiev, the branch of the New Mail No. 24 - was closed!