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Hearing enhancer

ATTENTION! Such devices are not medical devices, do not pass clinical trials and do not have licenses of the Ministry of Health. The use of such devices may exacerbate the problem of hearing loss.
Now there is especially a lot of advertising on TV and on the Internet, which promises to solve the problem of hearing loss by offering to buy a sound amplifier for just a couple of hundred hryvnias and the issue is resolved. But is it really so?
According to UNIAN, almost 10% of the planet has various hearing impairments. An estimated 500 million people worldwide are deaf or have hearing problems. 80% of deaf and hearing-impaired people live in low- and middle-income countries.
People, in search of a solution to the problem of hearing loss, turn to newspapers, televisions, and pages of various WEB sites for help, or even immediately look for the device in online stores such as AliExpress. And they find a "tempting" proposal for a "convenient" and "incredibly high-quality" auditory hearing aids, the low cost of which does not harm the budget, but will help to return the hearing.
During the next financial crisis for a person suffering from hearing impairment, such a proposal is very tempting. After all, the price seems just miserable, even compared to some medicines. No need to undergo a preliminary examination and selection. You can simply order with home delivery and wear!
But to buy a hearing aid without fitting is the same as buying a "device in a bag". Such a purchase can do more harm than good. After all, even choosing glasses, you need to measure them and follow the instructions and advice of an optometrist. And from a medical point of view, the organ of hearing is much more complex than the organ of vision.
It is not worth it to buy a hearing aid on your own, guided by choosing only its price. After all, design and functions, and especially the possible range of settings and channeling of the device, will become important factors of choice. This is not a mobile phone.

Be careful!

By ordering a "hearing aid" by phone with delivery, you can irrevocably destroy the remaining hearing.
Hearing enhanser can harm human health and life.
Pay attention to the fact that when using such "enhancers" it is possible: exacerbations of hypertension, the appearance of chronic headache, dermatitis, allergic reactions, disorders of the vestibular apparatus, and even a stroke!
Hearing enhanser does not distinguish sounds by its type
This device cannot be configured based on individual hearing impairment. It cannot distinguish a voice signal from background noise. You can use this personal amplifier to watch TV, but it will not help in more complex acoustic situations.
Hearing enhanser makes all sounds loud
If you change its volume, then all sounds will be either quieter or louder. Digital hearing aids focus on our voice and conversation, but it's basically what the patient needs.
A personal sound amplification device has only one size.
Therefore, if it does not sit well in the ear, then irritation will soon appear in the ear. Then you just put it in a drawer and forget about it. Bad "landing" also negatively affects the sound quality. Therefore, what initially turned out to be a profitable acquisition may turn out to be a waste of money.

Hearing Aid - The technique is complex and not cheap!

It is not worth it to buy a hearing aid yourself, guided by choosing only its price. After all, design and functions, and especially the possible range of settings and channeling of the device, will become important factors of choice. This is not a mobile phone.
Pay attention!
A hearing aid is a medical device, which, without fail, must have a valid registration certificate of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine and are appointed, selected and configured only by a doctor based on the results of a detailed hearing examination. When registering with the Ministry of Health of Ukraine in hearing aids, a lot of parameters are checked, such as amplification and sound processing, the composition of materials from which the device is made is carefully analyzed, since it has been in direct contact with human skin for a long time. A modern high-quality hearing aid that has passed certification and registration with the Ministry of Health of Ukraine meets strict technical and hygienic standards.
To dealsuccessfully with hearing impairment, you need:
Consultation with an audiologist
An audiologist will help determine the individual characteristics of the hearing and its impairment.
Detailed diagnosis of hearing impairment
Diagnosis of hearing impairment will help determine if you need a hearing aid and what type;
Hearing Aid Fitting
It is necessary to choose exactly the model of the hearing aid that is able to maximally compensate for the hearing loss of a particular person
Choice of technical characteristics of the hearing aid
How many sound transmission channels and which noise reduction system depend on technical characteristics. This affects how well you understand speech and hear even the quietest sounds.
Compliance with aesthetic requirements for hearing aids
The hearing aid must comply with aesthetic requirements and provide comfort when using it, because you will have to wear it throughout the day.
Warranty and post-warranty service and repair
Quality assurance of warranty or post-warranty service and repair will facilitate the further use of the hearing aid.
Remember that only a properly selected and tuned individual hearing aid improves hearing, speech intelligibility and quality of life in general!