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Our Team
Taras Vinnichenko
Hearing Healthcare professional, Audiologist.
Provides qualified diagnosis and hearing prosthetics

Reception at the main office:
18 Melnikova st., Kyiv

Phone: 063 348 08 46
Vira Myropolska
Chief Financial Officer
Supervises the financial activities and accounting records of the company.

Phone: (044) 483 36 98
Ievgen Pryiomov
Supervisor of services division
Monitors the quality of service, makes warranty and post-warranty repair of hearing aids, high-quality manufacturing of hearing aids and otoplasty.

Reception at the main office:
18 Melnikova st., Kyiv
Maslyuk Katerina Anatolyevna
Keeps records of hearing aids and works with our regional partners, and can also provide diagnosis and hearing prosthetics
Helps to solve questions on the availability of products, and also will tell about accessories for hearing aids.
Phone: 063 421 04 52
Andrii Chernyshov
Specialist in otoplasty service
Produces qualitative otoplasty: earmolds to hearing aids, earplugs.

Works in the main office:
18 Melnikova st., Kyiv
тел: (044) 483 36 98
Svetlana Sergiienko
Marketing Manager , partnership manager
Regulates activities in the sphere of expanding market outlets and other product issues. Coordinates work with regional partners of the company.

Phone: 097 983 71 61
Anastasiia Dziubenko
Sales person of hearing aids, receptionist , operator of coordination center
Holds a primary consultation and will answer the client's questions by phone and at the meeting, will lead to the right specialist.

Place of work in the main office:
18 Melnikova st., Kyiv
Phone: (044) 483 36 98