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why do they gnaw hearing aids?


All dogs like hearing aids,
that they never wanted to play with it

Audiologists, ENT doctors, and hearing care professionals say this every time they give out new hearing aids: "Be careful: keep your hearing aids away from pets!"
But, inevitably, people come back for new devices due to the fact that their puppy "pulled" him and gnawed, for example. This happens all the time ... Because hearing aids can affect the feelings of pets as follows:

Dogs hear frequencies from 12 to 80,000 Hertz (or oscillations per second), and humans - from 16 to 20,000. The dog is able to differentiate up to 9,000 sounds of different heights and feel the strength of the sound from 0.1 to 120 decibels. Dogs hear sounds of medium strength at a distance of 40-50 m (humans - 6-10 m). Hearing aids when turned on emit a high-frequency sound that people don't hear. And when their microphones are too close to each other, loud feedback sounds arise that attract dogs.
Obviously, your hearing aids smell like you. They leave a trace of sweat and ear wax. The smell of a dog is an amazing world of smells. The dog has more than 125 million olfactory cells (about 5 million in humans). The dog smells good on your hearing aid and can easily find it.
Imagine that most pets like the taste of earwax, or they are attracted to the smell ... Like many animals, a dog has a nervous connection between taste and smell. When deciding whether or not to eat, the dog relies on smell rather than taste.
All this makes hearing aids fun, tasty, noisy toy for your furry buddy.Therefore, we remind you that when you are not using hearing aids, turn them off and hide them high, out of the reach of pets!If your hearing aids have nevertheless become a victim of a pet, be sure to call the after-sales service and transfer it as soon as possible for repair and restoration (if possible). After all, hearing is so important for a person!