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Unitron wins prestigious Red Dot Award for Moxi Jump R hearing aids
Moxi Jump R - the industry leader in sound quality, provides hearing aid users with easy-to-use technology that automatically adapts to the user's listening environment.
The Red Dot Award (beginning in 1955) is an internationally recognized distinction marking design excellence and technological excellence in the industry.
On April 14, 2020, for the sixth time, Unitron received the Red Dot Award for the invention and manufacture of advanced hearing aids, both in terms of aesthetics and technology.
Moxi Jump R hearing aids are best-in-class in sound quality thanks to easy-to-use technology that automatically adapts to your listening environment. Moxi Jump R hearing aids combine aesthetics, comfort and intuitive functionality in one device.
Moxi Jump R uses machine learning, the direction of artificial intelligence, to automatically recognize, classify, and tune sounds based on the user's listening environment. This takes into account seven different acoustic listening situations, which include simply being in silence or in noise, talking in silence, in a group of people, in a crowd, or talking in noise, and listening to music.
hearing aids Moxi Jump R allow users to connect to their favorite Apple or Android devices and participate in phone calls, video calls, and multimedia streaming to both ears. A rechargeable lithium-ion battery can provide 24-hour boost or 16-hour boost with 8 hours of multimedia streaming.
Moxi Jump R hearing aids can be controlled through the Remote Plus app, which allows hearing aid owners to control volume, balance, and share real-time listening experiences through their smartphones. The app also allows the user to remotely keep in touch with their hearing care professional using cloud technology for ease of use. And the Coach function in the Remote Plus app sends users reminders about the need for a battery charge, timely cleaning of hearing aids, usage information, and much more.