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Moxi All

All conversations
All mobile phones.
Full freedom with batteries.
You can find out the price, select the level and order the hearing aid T Moxi All here
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Moxi All
Due to the unique design of the device, it is almost invisible.
Soundcore binaural processing features:
SoundNav, Sound Conductor, SpatialAwarness i SpeachPro, will allow you to feel a fantastic understanding of speech and excellent spatial perception.
Thanks to SoundNav, the program automatically identifies and classifies sounds in different habitats, focusing on conversations.
SpeachPro provides an optimal understanding of the language and localization, even in the most complex environments.
Sound Conductor dynamically balances features that provide speech understanding, listening comfort and natural sound.
SpatialAwarness makes it easy to find the localization of sound.
Improved quality settings
Hearing aids of these series have the possibility of more accurate and high-quality tuning for you, thanks to the function of advanced information collection about the individual acoustic environment of each patient.
Confidence in your choice
Before buying hearing aids, we offer a trial wearing up to 3 weeks with the devices. These models allow you to upgrade hearing aid software at various levels of audio processing complexity.
Your opinion is important to us
With the function of patient assessment, you can share your listening experience with a hearing care professional. To do this, download the application to your smartphone, and perform an assessment of perception in various acoustic conditions.
Comprehensive assessment of hearing
The combined analysis of the patient's subjective assessment and objective recording of data on the acoustic environment significantly improves the settings of the hearing aid by a specialist.
Registration of patient assessment
The function registers your assessment of the perception of the acoustic environment in the device and sends an electronic alert to your hearing care professional.
Hearing Aids Moxi All
work with a smartphone and not only
Compatible with all phones
Слуховые аппараты Moxi All подключаются ко всем телефонов - не только iPhones.
No need to take the phone in hand. You will clearly hear the interlocutor, and the microphones will transmit your voice to your mobile phone.
Easy to use
In developing Moxi All, customer needs were a top priority. Therefore, these devices are easily switched during a conversation, both by mobile phone and in reality.
Batteries charge at night so you can use them all day
Without strimmer
Moxi All work as a Bluetooth headset and connect to mobile phones within 10 meters.
You will get amazing sound quality and ease of communication.
We care about the time of our customers. Just call us - and we will help you with all questions.
Choose colour wich fits to you!
Modern features
for better communication
Use of accessories will make your life easier.
Easy TV connection
Have sound delivered to both hearing aids to make watching TV more enjoyable through the uDirect 3 or the uStream. Where you use it Watching TV. When you use it To enjoy stereo streaming from your TV.
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Charge Moxi All to listen all day long
Enjoy the reliability of rechargeable hearing aids that offer charge-and-go convenience. Where you use it Anywhere there is a power source. When you use it To charge your Moxi™ Fit R and Stride™ M R hearing aids overnight and stay in the conversation all day
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