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Unitron offers new solutions to make the process of fitting hearing aid better and more efficient. Flex: upgrade is a unique and innovative solution that allows the customer to increase the technological level of his hearing aid without buying a new one.
Everything is easy!
Do not deny yourself the purchase of hearing aids! Don't be afraid to choose the "wrong" level of hearing aid! Do not choose between different levels of hearing aids for a long time! Now, when you buy Unitron hearing aids that run on Tempus, North and Era platforms (except Shine Rev), you will be able to increase their functional level during the year, without changing the devices themselves. Contact a specialist in your city for more information.
100% without risk and obligations!
When choosing a hearing aid, the specialist must choose a model for you, the technological level of which will give the best result in all acoustic situations in which you will use it. Over time, you may need additional features that your device may not have. No problem! You just need to contact one of our Kiev centers to increase the technological level of your hearing aid. At the same time only the difference in cost according to the price list between technological level of your device and that which you choose for updating is paid.
Beneficial to you, convenient to us!
This is a completely unique solution for hearing centers, which allows you to offer your customers the opportunity to increase the technological level of their purchased hearing aids without risk and any obligations. Knowing that they can easily upgrade their devices later gives customers more confidence in making a decision, and the hearing care professional will spend less time making "sales" and once again strengthen the relationship with the customer.