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VIP-client card
Become our VIP-client and take advantage of additional discounts and the best conditions of service in Kiev centers "YOUR HEARING OUR CARE"

How to receive VIP-client card?

Purchase for 50 000
A VIP-card can be issued with accumulated 50,000 bonus points within 1 year. What can it be a one-time purchase of hearing aids and accessories for an amount not less than 50 thousand. UAH, or several purchases within 1 year
Application form and VIP card
Fill out the registration form and get the coveted VIP-card! Now you are our VIP-client and are entitled to additional discounts and special benefits in service

Special benefits for our VIP customers:

10% discount on all goods and services
Free audiometry once a year
Free fitting of hearing aid
Service and repair of your hearing instruments out of turn
Temporarily replacing your own hearing aid during repair
Rules for participation in the VIP client loyalty program
1. The VIP card is the property of YOUR HEARING OUR CARE LLC and is valid on an ongoing basis.
2. The VIP card is a confirmation that the customer is a member of the loyalty program.
3. The VIP-card gives the program participant the right to use special offers and bonuses in the network of our Kiev hearing centers.
4. LLC "YOUR HEARING OUR CARE" has the right to change the Rules for participation in the loyalty program at any time without prior notice to the participants.
5. You can become a Member of the loyalty program and get a VIP-card with the accumulated 50,000 bonus points and completed the Registration form.
6. The Participant will be subject to the valid Participation Rules with all periodically made changes from the moment they receive a VIP card.
8. Bonus points for obtaining a VIP-card are awarded to each client when purchasing goods or services in the network of centers "YOUR HEAR OUR CARE".
9. To receive bonus points, inform your hearing care professional about your desire to participate in the loyalty program. And also, to inform about your participation at each payment for crediting points to the account.
10. For each 1 hryvnia spent by you in our Kiev centers, 1 point will be awarded (if the purchase amount is equal to or greater than 1 UAH).
11. The client can find out information about the number of accumulated bonus points from a specialist.
12. After accumulating the required number of bonus points and registering with the Manager of YOUR HEARING OUR CARE LLC, the client becomes a member of the loyalty program and has the opportunity to use special offers.
13. A participant has the right to terminate his participation in the loyalty program at any time, while bonuses and special offers are canceled.
14. To terminate participation in the loyalty program, you must send a written notice of termination of participation to the address of LLC "YOUR HEARING OUR CARE".
15. The Manager shall notify the Participant about the early termination of the card 10 calendar days before the expiration of the validity of the VIP-card in accordance with the current Participation Rules.
16. LLC "YOUR HEARING OUR CARE" has the right to terminate participation in the loyalty program of any member without notice by blocking the Card in cases where the Member has grossly violated the current Rules for participation.
17. In case of termination of participation, the VIP-card is considered invalid and is excluded if possible.
19. In case of loss and the need to restore the VIP card, the Client must report the loss of the VIP card and provide data for filling out the questionnaire.
20. You can report the loss of a VIP card:
a) by contacting the main office "YOUR HEARING OUR CARE" at the address: Kiev, st. Melnikova, 18;
b) by phone: (044) 483 36 98 (the cost of calls at the operator's tariffs) and the VIP card will be sent by mail, or by courier.